Where Do We go From Here?

Twitter is tweeting it. The blogosphere is boiling with it. Facebook is all atwitter about it. What is it? “It” is what the progressives are doing. They are granting amnesty to ILLEGAL aliens, they are trying to take our guns, they are trying to tax the Internet, they are trying…..

Do you know what NOBODY is talking about? Nobody is talking about what conservatives are doing. When someone does talk about something conservatives are doing it is because we are REACTING to something the liberals have done.

Newt Gingrich has his failings. I don’t like the man, personally, but you have got to give him kudos for the Contract. He energized folks. He laid out a series of steps. My only criticism is that it wasn’t bold-enough and he didn’t follow through. He should have kept it up but the liberals in Republican suits wouldn’t let him. He let them derail his agenda for the country. If he hadn’t we might well have seen a President Gingrich following Klinton.

We need another Contract. We need big, bold initiatives that energize the Conservative base. We need to present a plan to revive America. We need to believe again and sing it from the rooftops. We need to stop telling people what is wrong with the liberal agenda and start telling them what is right with ours. We need to break the problem down into its parts and solve the puzzle of how to come back one challenge at a time but execute the solutions to these disparate problems simultaneously. Shock and Awe, folks. Shock and Awe.

Having the House gives us immense control but we aren’t excercising it.  Our institutions are running us ragged begging with their hands out for more money but NONE of them produce results.

Well, I make my living breaking big problems down into small problems and then solving them.  I guess it is time to focus some of that on something that matters a bit more.

That is the only way we will re-take the initiative.  Mobilize to drive an agenda instead of to react to theirs.  Progress comes from forcing reactions, not reacting.

Stay tuned.  I have that tingle…….

The Goat


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