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A Lack of Common Sense

The United States is currently running a $16,29,608,500,895 national debt (as of September 15, 2012 at 9:24 am Mountain).  That is a per-taxpayer debt of $140,190.  We failed to “build nations” in Iraq and Afghanistan.  China is rapidly becoming the world’s most powerful economic force and they are spending more on defense than the United States.  The world is questioning the US Dollar as the de facto international currency and the jobless rate stands at about 13% in the US.

We are being attacked by terrorists that we trained and armed in Syria, Afghanistan, and too many others to count.  The wealth built-up by our grandparents and great-grandparents is being redistributed to China, Mexico, etc. through “free” trade and WTO/GATT agreements.  Our trade deficit with China sits at $237,173,665,000 and counting—that is money sent there.  Redistribution of wealth, period.  Our Social Security liability is at $14,519,415,900,000 and counting.  Our unfunded liabilities (money we have spent without a source for paying for it) are at $120,604,666,900,000 or $1,054,787 per citizen.

Check the US Debt Clock for the latest, scary, numbers.

With this backdrop both political parties, who share responsibility equally, are accusing the other of being “too extreme”.  I would say the only extreme things here are the shared stupidity of the major parties and the slobbering morons who vote for them and the positions we are currently occupying. Folks must remember that suggesting that we reverse some of the ultra-radical changes that have been made to our system so that we can get back to a rational government that at least resembles what the Founders envisioned is NOT extreme. The changes that were made over the last 70 years have been extreme. Those changes are responsible for the national debt. Those changes are responsible for the undeclared wars in Greece, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Guatemala, El Salvador, Grenada, Nicaragua, Columbia, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines, Malaysia, ande even more places that I can’t remember.  I mean, who can keep track of all the places we are engaged in combat in? . Those changes are also responsible for the “free” trade that has redistributed our jobs and our wealth, the radical entitlements that drain our treasury, the offshoring of our jobs, the drunken distribution of foreign aid and profits of “free” trade, the arming of terrorists that have turned against us, the transfer of technology and wealth to China that has made them the single largest holder of our external debt, etc. Heck, those changes are the REASON we have external debt. 

 It is time to end the radical experiments from both sides of the aisle and return to the vision of the Founders. Change is necessary but along with change one must have the courage to admit when the change has been bad and the courage to reverse course when the change is causing serious problems such as the massive debt, bad economy, joblessness and basically the loss of four undeclared wars. We literally can’t afford to continue to occupy the radical positions our major parties have moved us into. Going back to a “known state” is not bad. “Progressing” with changes that are obviously causing serious damage to the nation IS bad.

In the days of the founders the Democrat Party wouldn’t have existed and the Republican Party would have been considered dangerously far left wing.  The changes that have broken this country have been extreme.  Because most of you morons haven’t listened to reason and know your football stats or Kim Kardashian’s love life better than the Constitution the changes required to save this country will also be extreme.

With this in mind I have compiled a list of the most destructive changes to this country.  I sincerely hope that folks from both sides of the aisle will look at these and give serious consideration to addressing the problems this nation faces before it is too late, if it isn’t already.

  1. The MTV, Survivor, Jersey Shore, Kim Kardashian crowd.  Need I really say more?  WAKE UP!
  2. US Education not teaching the foundations this country was founded upon                             A. Too many US Citizens have an entitlement mentality                                                                 B. Too few US citizens understand basic economics
  3. Re-ordering of the financial system under Roosevelt
  4. Trade: WTO/GATT and NAFTA
  5. 14th Amendment (Representatives apportioned by population)
  6. 16th Amendment (Income tax)
  7. 17th Amendment (Direct election of Senators)
  8. 26th Amendment (18 y/o voters)
  9. Social Security and Medicare
  10. Undeclared Wars
  11. Our internationalist forays as seriously begun under Woodrow Wilson
  12. Disaster relief
  13. Welfare
  14. Military spending (must have the best or the best of the best—arm the citizens and we won’t need the best of the best of the best)
  15. Eradication of all religious influence in our public institutions—especially schools
    1. a.       No, I do not believe in theocracy but I know that a civilization must have shared values to exist.  Don’t like it? May you take a long dive off a short cliff—or leave, either one.  I prefer the dive option.  Hate to think the cancer here could go on to infect others.